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Extractions From the "AVALANCHE" a Crawford Co., MI Newspaper 1879-1940's

These are my extractions of all names, dates and relationships pertinent to Genealogical research in Crawford county, Michigan from the microfilmed records of the Crawford County newspaper the "AVALANCHE." Currently, I have completed the years from 14 May 1879 through 17 Feb 1910, with references to more than 6,879 inhibitants or relatives of those residing in Crawford, MI. Additional years will be added as time permits. These are large files and will take time to load. This site is best viewed with "INTERNET EXPLORER."

UPDATE! I have now completed the years 1910 - Dec. 1940, which now brings the total number of people extracted from the "Avalanche" to over 37,000 (Including over 12,000 marriages). If you think one of your ancestors or relatives may have been in Crawford county between 1910 & 1940, e-mail me and I will search my Avalanche database for any mention of them. Update posted 12 Dec 2004.

PLEASE NOTE! I have tried to tie the records extracted from the Avalanche to the appropriate individuals and to put these individuals in the correct family groups. However, as I have extracted additional records from the Avalanche, several errors have come to light. I have also received information from other researchers, who have helped me straighten out some of the family relationships contained within my data base. Please notify me of any errors you may find, so that I may correct my database. Although I have been correcting my data base, I have not updated or corrected the information displayed on my web pages. (31 Jul 2003)

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