My Primary Family Research Interests

I am researching the following surnames: BARNAMAN, COON, DAUPHIN, KELLY, MARTIN, MIDDLESWORTH, PINSON, POWELL, STOLIKER, STUBBS and WARD. My BARNAMAN's were Pennsylvania Dutch and passed through MI in the mid 1800's. My COON's migrated from VA during the late 1700's into GA and later into AL. My DAUPHIN's migrated from NC into AL during the early 1800's . My KELLY's migrated from NJ into MI during the mid to early 1800's. My MARTIN's migrated from GA during the early 1800's into Covington Co., AL. My MIDDLESWORTH's migrated from Warren Co., NJ into Shiawassee Co., MI during the early 1800's. My PINSON's moved from SC after 1792 into Jackson Co., GA, before 1812. My POWELL's migrated from GA into AL during the early to mid 1800's. My STOLIKER's migrated from Ontario, CANADA, into NY and MI during the early to mid 1800's. My wife's STUBB's migrated from Marlboro, SC during the early 1800's into AL and later into FL. My WARD family migrated from NY into Dereham, Ontario, CANADA, during the late 1700's or early 1800's and in the mid 1800's moved to Lapeer Co., MI. I will gladly exchange any information on these surnames and welcome inquires.

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